18 June 2014 – Steampunk cocktails at the Hawthorn Lounge

It’s time for the June edition of our regular Capital! Steampunk cocktail evenings.

Come along to the Hawthorn Lounge, 82 Tory Street, Wellington from 7.30pm and try something from our growing list of steampunk-themed drinks.  A Difference Engine, perhaps?  Maybe a Thyme Machine or a Rusty Automaton?  Or the spectacular Doctor and Mister:


Not much of a drinker?  No problem.  The Temperance is a non-alcoholic offering from our list, or you can come just for the company and drink nothing but water all night.  We won’t mind.

And we know it’s not always possible to get home from work, dress in your best steampunk finery then come out again.  Dress up if you can; come along anyway if you can’t.

The Hawthorn Lounge can be tricky to find if you haven’t been there before (think hidden speakeasy).  It’s across the road from Harvey Norman, through the unmarked door just to the right of Pan de Muerto and up the stairs.  We promise:  it’s worth the effort.  Once you’re inside we’re easy to spot – look out for the banner featuring Skully, our mascot (he doesn’t bite).

See you on Wednesday.

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