14 June 2014 – Shannon steampunk flashmob

Let’s have a day out of town!

To celebrate International Steampunk Day, Capital! Steampunk member Dr Fine N. Dandy has invited us to Shannon next Saturday.  There’s a Salvation Army shop, Nana’s Knickers, two vintage shops and a couple of cafes, plus the information centre in the old railway station and the Owlcatraz bird sanctuary.  Dr Dandy himself will be presiding behind the counter of Shannanigans, where we plan (perhaps) to serenade him tunefully (perhaps).

Plan is to arrive around 10.30ish in Shannon in our finery and gather at the information centre before going forth to do our good works.  If you can’t find us there, we shouldn’t be hard to spot – Shannon’s not that big, nor full of steampunks (as far as we know).

Some horseless carriage sharing may be possible from Wellington.  Contact Capital! Steampunk on our address at the foot of this page and we’ll try to match seats with fillers thereof.

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