2 August 2014 – Caburlesque: Steampunk vs Rockabilly

Half steampunk, half rockabilly, all burlesque.  No, we don’t how that works either, but it’s got steampunk in it so it must be good.

Venue is the Fringe Bar, 26-32 Allen St, just off Courtenay Place.  Doors open at 7.30pm on Saturday 2 August and the show starts at 8.30; come early to (a) get a seat, (b) have a drink and (c) be seen in your fabulousness.  An extra incentive: there are prizes for best dressed, and if we can’t take that one out there’s something wrong.

Mistress of Ceremonies is Capital! Steampunk’s own Sadie von Scrumptious and performers include Thistle Down, Miss Burlesque 2014 Isabella Darling (probably no relation to one of our Oamaruvian friends …), pole superstar Spinning Jewel and more.  If you haven’t experienced modern burlesque, this is the time.

Get your tickets from Eventfinder.  The VIP seats have all gone (there are never very many), but Earlybird seats are just $15 if you’re quick.

See you there.

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