22 November 2014 – Aethercon Wellington

This is it – the event you’ve waiting for since, oh, last year’s Aethercon.Aethercon poster

Aethercon is THE Wellington steampunk event, and we expect this to be a corker.  The venue is historic Dransfield House, home of Wellington’s first mayor.  There’ll be things to look at, things to learn, things to buy, food and drinks all day and plenty of scope for swanning round this beautiful house in your finery.

The convention (is that the right word for a gathering of the unconventional?) runs between 10am and 4.30pm, then you have time to catch your breath before the Aethercon Ball at Bodega, starting at 8pm.  Dransfield is more than happy for us to stay there until we’re ready to leave for the ball; it’s a fairly easy stroll down Willis Street to Bodega, and food and drinks will still be available for those who require fortification.  Beware: there are rumours of most unseemly readings being planned for the ball.

This is going to be a major weekend for steampunk in Wellington, as Stagecraft Theatre’s production in steampunk style of The Tempest (by, you know, Shakespeare) will have opened a few days earlier.  We’re still working out the logistics, but how does this sound for a (long) weekend’s activities?

  • Thursday 20th (evening) – steampunk cocktails at the Hawthorn Lounge
  • Friday 21st (evening) – The Tempest
  • Saturday 22nd (day/evening) – Aethercon
  • Sunday 23rd (late morning, so you can recover) – The Hunting of the Snark in the Botanic Gardens

Our objective is to send our out-of-town visitors (and ourselves, probably) home exhausted.  Somewhere in there – maybe Friday? – we want to try and get to the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace for the exhibition of undergarments as well.

More information will follow as we finalise the details.

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