4 October 2014 – The Battle of the Bulge(s)

Mansfield flyer

No, this battle won’t be fought with ray guns – even very ladylike ones.   Let the Dreamstress help you with the correct lacing of your corset, because even men know that if you’re not laced right, you’re not going to be at your elegant tea-drinking, bounder-repelling best.  Tickets are $12; phone 04- 473 7268 and we’ll see you at Old St Paul’s on Saturday the 4th.

But important though that is, there’s more.  The Katherine Mansfield Birthplace in Tinakori Road has an exhibition of Victorian and Edwardian undergarments, along with corsets by Toi Whakaari costume students, running between 25 September and 21 December.  There’ll be an official Capital! Steampunk visit, probably around the time of Aethercon in November to allow some of our less fortunate non-Wellingtonian friends to see it while they’re here.  Watch this space, and visit http://www.katherinemansfield.com/pages/whats-on for a few more details.

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