19-29 November 2014 – The Tempest

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.

Stagecraft Theatre presents Shakespeare’s The Tempest.  There have been other steampunk productions of this play, but no other has had Capital! Steampunk as creative consultants.  The Colonel even managed to get roped into a publicity shot:

Tempest 1

The show runs from 19 to 22 November at 7.30pm, Sunday 23 November at 3pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 25/26 November at 6.30pm, then Thursday-Saturday 27-29 November at 7.30pm.

But the official Capital! Steampunk night is Friday 21 November, when as many of the audience as we can manage will be dressed in their best steampunk style.  Corsets, ray guns and top hats will dazzle the uninitiated; all we ask is that gentlemen remove their hats during the performance.  This is part of the Big Steampunk Weekend and we’d like to see as many of our friends, followers and hangers-on in the theatre as possible.  Tickets are available from iTicket.

Venue is the Gryphon Theatre, 22 Ghuznee Street.  Book now – Stagecraft shows have a habit of selling out.

Here’s another taste; Alida Steemson as Prospera and James Bayliss as Ferdinand.  See you there.


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