21 November 2014 – Hill’s Hats factory visit [now 4pm]

BowlerAll serious steampunks need a good hat, or two, or more, and we know just where such splendid cranial embellishments can be found.  Hill’s Hats in Petone hosted some of us a few months ago for a tour of their factory, and Hatman himself has agreed to do it again as part of the Big Steampunk Weekend.

You’ll learn a bit of the history of Hill’s (did you know the company started in 1875?), you’ll learn a lot more about how hats are made (the fine bowler in this post started life as something Gandalf might wear), and you’ll see some of their historical machinery in action.  Plus you’ll see their range and have the opportunity to acquire that special something for yourself.

Hill’s is at 30 Fitzherbert Street, Petone, and they’re expecting us at 4.30 4pm (and yes, we know we have to be back in town in good time for The Tempest.  Life is hard).  There’ll be cars going out from Wellington, so our out-of-town guests won’t miss out.  There’s an email link down the bottom of this page if you need a ride, or can offer one.

LATE-BREAKING NEWS:  So we can see one of the steamy shaping machines in action, the visit will now begin at 4pm rather than 4.30.  Kindly adjust your calendar.

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