28 – 29 March – CubaDupa Festival

CubaDupa marks the return of a major street festival to Wellington’s Cuba Street and Capital! Steampunk will be very much part of the action.

Some of our programme is still being firmed up, but we know we have steampunks coming from all over New Zealand to help us make it splendid.  One thing the CubaDupa organisers want us to do is provide flashmobs – a bunch of us in full finery will suddenly appear somewhere around Cuba Street, swan about a bit (as only we can) then disappear again.

But the big news is that CubaDupa will feature Wellington’s first teapot race, at the Thistle Hall on the morning of Saturday 28 March.  If you were in Oamaru last Queen’s Birthday you’ll know about this; for the uninitiated it involves racing radio-controlled teapots round an obstacle course.  Easy?  No.  Hilarious?  Oh yes.

We’ll be calling for registration of entrants shortly, so start building your pots now – here are the general rules, including size limits. And may the best pot win.

Racing teapot

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