February 22 – High Tea at Dransfield

The savoury selection at one of Dransfield's high teas If you went to Aethercon Wellington last year, you’ll know Dransfield House.  This historic house, built for Wellington’s first mayor around 1875, also does a very fine high tea on the last Sunday of every month, and Capital! Steampunk is well overdue for a visit. For $35 you’ll get a generous selection of savoury and sweet treats, with your choice of coffee or a variety of teas.  Add $10 for a glass of bubbly (go on; you know you want to).  And while we eat, drink, chat and swan about Dransfield’s lovely rooms, Johnny Douglas will entertain us on the grand piano. Dransfield House is at 335 Willis Street, just opposite the end of Aro Street (hiding behind its heritage-listed 110-year-old oak trees).  We’ll be there from midday until the tea runs out; give yourself a treat and join us.  As always, corsets and top hats are optional but most welcome. Please use our Contact Us page to let us know you’re coming, so we can prepare Dransfield for the numbers.  Or you can contact them directly by email or by phoning 04 385 2507. Dransfield's sweet selection

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