14 February 2015 – Cobblestones gets bigger

Capital! Steampunk posted a week or two ago about our forthcoming day at Cobblestones Early Settlers’ Museum in Greytown.  Well, it’s grown!

It’s now being billed as a proper steampunk festival, and is part of the wider Greytown Arts Festival.  So we’ve had to add a few activities to our day.  Here’s how it’s looking at the moment – this is still subject to change, based on weather, attacks by air krakens, &c.

10am – gates open (remember you’ll get in free if you’re dressed steampunk/Victorian/colonial).

11 am – The Hunting of the Snark.  Capital! Steampunk’s famous ambulatory reading of Lewis Carroll’s wonderful nonsense epic, this time in the setting of Cobblestones’ historic buildings and grounds.

12 noon – Tea duelling.  Watch a demonstration of how steampunks settle arguments or matters of honour, or try it yourself.  Presided over by Capital! Steampunk’s official Tiffin Master, Colonel Hawthorne (he has a special hat).

12.30pm – Teapot racing.  A brand new sport, first seen at the Oamaru steampunk festival last year and about to take over the world.  We’ll have at least two Capital! Steampunk teapots present; if yours is ready to go, bring it along – it’s good practice for CubaDupa.

1pm – Costume competition.  You’ve already got in free; maybe you can go home with a prize as well!

2pm – The Hunting of the Snark.  A repeat performance for enthusiasts, or those who missed it in the morning.

3pm – Tea duelling.  Another demonstration or opportunity to try it.

This is going to be a great way to spend St. Valentine’s day (he was a steampunk too.  Didn’t you know?).  Grab your best parasol or pith helmet (or both) and join us.

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