28 March – Countdown to Splendid Teapot Racing

Capital! Steampunk's StanleyYou may have seen him in The Wellingtonian last Thursday.  You may see him again in the Dominion Post in the next couple of days.  You can see him here, now.  But if you want to see Stanley in person, along with other competitors like Tricerateapots and the Leviathan, you’ll have to come along to Splendid Teapot Racing at the Thistle Hall on Saturday 28 March from 10am.

The first CubaDupa festival is nearly ready to go, and Capital! Steampunk is proud to present the first event.  As of this writing we have 10 racing teapots registered, and we won’t be at all surprised if one or two more turn up.  But if you haven’t yet registered, this would be a good time – we’d like to know a little about your teapot so we can make appropriate remarks on the day (you don’t want us making inappropriate remarks, now do you?).  The registration form is here.

For the rest of the CubaDupa weekend, our friends at Made Marion in Marion Street have very kindly offered us their shop as a base.  Once we’ve cleaned up after the teapot racing we’ll head there for a spot of recuperation before venturing out into the depths of the festival.  We expect to run a tea duel in the shop, probably about 2pm on Saturday.  Whether we do other duels out in the streets will partly depend on weather and partly on finding a suitable unoccupied spot that’s not too noisy – the CubaDupa people have made some helpful suggestions, but we’ll have to play it somewhat by ear.  But even if we don’t duel, we will at least swan about splendidly.  As a rule of thumb, head to Made Marion; they’ll know where to find us.

The full CubaDupa programme has now been published.  There’s a lot on – there may even be a late night or two involved!  See you on Saturday.

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