19 – 20 March 2016 – Cubadupa is back!

Mark your calendar and make some bookings now: Cubadupa returns to Wellington over the weekend of 19 and 20 March next year.

If you attended Cubadupa this year you’ll know how huge it is.  Three or more city blocks closed off for pedestrians, lots of happy people, endless photo opportunities, street food, parades, performances … it was enormous this year and will only get bigger.

Capital! Steampunk will be there in force.  Splendid Teapot Racing has been demanded, and we have an exciting new venue that will both be easier to find and more flexible, without the time constraints we had this year.  More details on that will follow, but this would be a jolly good time to start working on your racing teapot.  We had something like 14 entries this year; can we beat Oamaru’s record of 24 next year?  Let’s try.  We hope to run a few build or practice sessions over the months leading up to Cubadupa, so look out for those.  You might like to reacquaint yourself with the rules regarding size and whatnot.  We’ll open registrations early in 2016.

It’s not confirmed yet, but we’ve asked for space on one of the stages for tea duelling.  Cubadupa is great for swanning around in your best, so we’ll certainly be doing that, and we’re open to any other ideas (keep it relatively practical!) for steampunky things we can do during the festival.

Our intention is that Cubadupa will be the big Wellington steampunk event for the next few years.  Plan to arrive early so we can spend Friday with you.  Veterans will know that a tour of the Hills Hats factory is always on the cards, and Mrs. Hudson (the younger) is always up for leading a tour of her favourite op shops.  Let us know what else you might want to do while you’re here; Zealandia is worth a visit (with some interesting bits of vintage machinery scattered around) and we have a couple of other possibilities up our muttonchop sleeves as well.  And dinner on Friday night will certainly be arranged (and maybe even the odd cocktail).

Many details have yet to be firmed up, but the dates are set.  See you there.

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