Teapot racing scoresheet for CubaDupa

Only a month and a bit out from CubaDupa, and we hope your teapots are coming along a treat.  Don’t forget to check the rules and register your teapot – it helps us a lot to know how many to expect, and with racing over two days lets you specify which day you want to race (‘both’ is good, too).  Posters are now available and appearing in a number of spots around Wellington.  Feel free to download the poster for yourself if you’d like to put it up at work or if you know a friendly shopkeeper.   Let us know if you need an A3 version – all things are possible.

You may be wondering how to maximise the points the judges award, so by special arrangement we can show you the scoring sheet they’ll be using:

Teapot Racing scoring

We draw your attention to a few items of interest:

  • You can get up to five extra points by providing bribes for the judges (chocolate is usually reliable, but shortbread has also gone down very well in the past).  You can also lose points by arguing with their decisions, or by being in some other way vexatious.  You have been warned!
  • More points can be gained for general splendidness, both of your racing teapot and yourself.  Dress amazingly and put on a show
  • We recommend you stick to the size limits laid down in the Rules (maximum 30cm high, 30cm wide and 40cm long, including aerials, flags and what-have-you).  You don’t lose many points and can still compete if your teapot is oversize, but you’re likely to find it a lot harder to get around the course.  The Ramp of Doom is particularly unforgiving of big teapots
  • Sometimes a teapot gets stuck/turned over/lost and needs a bit of extra help.  That’s fine, but be aware you can only do it twice.  The first time, you’ll lose five points.  The second time, you’ll lose points and get a yellow flag.  The third time, the judges will gravely raise a red flag, which sadly signifies your race is over
  • To keep things moving along, we’ll have a timer running each time a teapot starts to race.  If you finish the course in under two minutes, well done – more points for you.  But if you’re still struggling at the three minute point, we may have to put you and your teapot out of your misery.  Don’t worry, though; if you have a spectacularly disastrous attempt you may go home with … the Teabag of Disgrace (dramatic music plays here)
  • And the final thing we should mention is that the course boundaries will be clearly defined, mostly to keep spectators out of your teapot’s way.  But let your teapot cross a boundary, and the red flag will be waved.  In Oamaru last year a couple of teapots shot away from the start line, straight over the boundary, and that was that.  Oops!  Control is everything in Splendid Teapot Racing.

Let us know if you have any questions about how to build and race a splendid teapot, and don’t forget our practice/build session at Modelcrafts & Hobbies on Saturday 20th February at 1pm.

And may the best teapot win!

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