Splendid Teapot Racing – CubaDupa 2016 course walkthrough

We’ve tried, but nobody’s managed to get a really good teapot’s-eye view of what a Splendid Teapot Racing course looks like.  Yet.

With one week to go before CubaDupa and the possibly the finest teapot racing event outside the International Championships in Oamaru, we thought you might like to see what the course will look like.  This wasn’t taken by a teapot, but it’s close.

Remember, Splendid Teapot Racing will be at Modelcrafts & Hobbies in Victoria Street (between Manners and Dixon Streets) on both days of CubaDupa (19/20 March) between 2 and 4 in the afternoon.  If you’ve got a teapot ready, or nearly so, head over here to register your entry.  Most of our out-of-town visitors have expressed a preference to race on the Saturday, so if you can manage Sunday it will help spread the event a little more evenly.  But if Saturday’s all you can do, no problem.

And may the best teapot win.

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