Steampunk art exhibition – call for entries


Alfred Memelink Artspace Gallery in Petone has asked Capital! Steampunk to help put together an exhibition of steampunk art and accessories.  The exhibition will run for three weeks from Saturday 6 August.

We need to see your best!

The exhibition title is Cognition, signifying the thought we put into our steampunk worlds, the re-cognition we give the makers among us, and – of course! – cogs.

Space in the gallery is limited so we may not be able to take everything you’ve got, but we’re looking for paintings, photography, jewellery, stunning hats, magnificent gadgets – almost anything you regard as your best work.  Ideally the work should be for sale, but we’re able to take a small number of display-only works.  There’s no charge for entering.

Please fill in the entry form as soon as you can with details of what you’d like to submit (even if you haven’t made it yet) – make sure you take some time to read through the terms and conditions on the second page.

Contact Capital! Steampunk or Artspace Gallery if you have any questions, then start planning your trip to Wellington in August.  We’re planning to wrap a number of workshops and perhaps the odd performance around the exhibition as well.

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