Ever wanted to be part of a Guinness World Record?

Well, here’s your chance.

If you’re coming to Oamaru for the 2016 Steampunk NZ Festival, make sure you’re at the Oamaru Club at 5pm on Saturday 4 June for an attempt at breaking the current record for the Largest Gathering of Steampunks.

Have we got a chance?  My goodness, yes!  The current record, set at the 2010 Comic-Con in San Diego, is a mere 185 people. Here’s the current record page.

There are conditions we have to meet to have our record recognised, so  please don’t be late (and don’t wander off early!).  You’ll need to be in proper steampunk finery –  jeans and a top hat won’t do it.  We need to have a couple of independent witnesses to verify the numbers, and of course there must be photos, but it should be all over by 5.30, giving you plenty of time to get ready for the Mess Dinner.

Let’s see how much we can break the existing record by.  And remember, however long or short a time we hold the record, you’ll be able to say you were part of it.  Huzzah!

And an update – we did it!

It still has to be validated by Guinness, but our final count was 228.  This is what 228 steampunks looks like:


See anybody you recognise?

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