It’s a steampunk spring!

Museums Wellington have just published their Spring 2016 Events Guide, and Capital! Steampunk is going to be busy.  We need your help, although that doesn’t have to mean any more than just showing up and looking splendid.

If you’re new to steampunk and/or don’t have your outfit completely sorted yet,some of these events might be a great opportunity to dip a toe in the water, give your new hat an outing … there’s nothing in the rules (there are rules?) to say you have to be fully steamed-up to come along on one of our outings.

First up is something we’re not involved in, but if you have aspiring young coglets or gearlings who need something to keep them busy during the holidays, this might be just the thing.

Space Place School Holiday Programme: Steampunk Science (4 – 5 – 6 October, 9am – 12.30pm)

Space Place (or the Carter Observatory, if you’re a traditionalist) has its own mad steampunk scientist and you can be the apprentice and take part in hands-on activities to improve your scientific knowledge and unleash your imagination.

For children aged six and over.  For more information and bookings see

The Big Hallowe’en 2016 (Queens Wharf, 29 October, 4 – 8pm)

This is big!  Capital E, Wellington Museum and Queens Wharf are all getting together for steampunk-inspired family fun on Queens Wharf, and Capital! Steampunk will be helping out.  Get lost in time in Capital E’s time machine maze, then travel to the mysterious 13th floor of Wellington Museum, but watch out for Professor Prime Evil.  There’ll be something for children of all ages, plus food stalls for a spooky supper.

Capital! Steampunk will be doing story readings on the small stage, plus popping up for a quick tea duel here and there.  If you can come along please let us know so we can share more details of what will be going on.  We’re not running the Maze or 13th Floor, but if you happen to wander into either one we want you to have a general idea of what’s happening so you can be part of the story.  The event listing is here.

Wellington’s War of the Worlds (Space Place, 24 November, 7pm)

This sounds splendid.  Six improv actors performing HG Wells’ War of the Worlds, with a Wellington twist, in a planetarium!  What could be better?

Bookings are open now and numbers are limited, so get in quick and help us lend some of our ‘modified Victorian’ look to the proceedings.  $20 per adult; event listing and tickets here.

Steampunk Weekend (Wellington Museum, 26-27 November from 1pm)

This is our big one – a weekend of readings, talks, craft workshops and Splendid Teapot Racing to celebrate the first birthday of Wellington Museum’s marvellous exhibition space The Attic (it’s what all steampunks wish our lounges looked like).

The workshops will include découpage, goggle making and English Paper Piecing, and the readings will range from the silly (a bit of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear) on the Saturday to the serious (women’s suffrage) on the Sunday.  We’ll be racing teapots from 1.30 on Saturday (new teapots are always welcome; check the rules here).  And at about 4.30 on the Saturday we’ll begin our celebrated ambulatory reading of The Hunting of the Snark, which will take us all over the museum, finishing in The Attic for the cutting of the birthday cake.  There might even be time for a bit of tea duelling in there somewhere.

Here‘s the event listing.  Let’s go for a great turnout – we could use some help serving tea, and for good old moral support.

Please get all these events into your almanac promptly – it’s going to be a fun few months.  And try to get your hands on a printed programme from the Wellington Museum, Capital E, Space Place or information centres and libraries.  There’s a fantastic steampunk poster on the back.



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