11 September 2016 – picnic at Zealandia

If you’ve never been to Zealandia – you know who you are – here’s your chance to get in cheap, have a nice lunch and swan about with your Capital! Steampunk friends.

Zealandia is offering $2 entry next Sunday as part of Conservation Week.  There’ll be stalls, a weed swap (exchange an invasive weed from your garden for a free native plant) and even a pest feast – the Colonel is hoping there may be possum pies on offer.

We’ve been intending to hold a Capital! Steampunk event at Zealandia for a while.  Apart from the an excellent exhibition centre (and cafe) and the chance to see a tuatara or a takahe up close, there are a number of impressive relics of the valley’s previous industrial uses.  Marvellous props and backdrops for photos are easy to find and you can bet this will be a popular day so there’ll be lots of people to introduce to the splendidness of steampunk.

We won’t be heading into the bush in our finery, but the main path up to the tuataras is most suitable for a promenade, and there are grassy areas near the entrance for our picnic.  If this is your first time, don’t be surprised when you’re asked to open your bags before you can go into the sanctuary itself.  It’s just a precaution in case your pet ferret sneaked in when you weren’t looking.

Meet at midday outside the main entrance to the visitor centre and shop.  Bring a picnic lunch if it’s fine (the forecast looks good) and if it’s wet come anyway and we’ll have lunch in the cafe.  Parking may be a problem, so consider the free shuttle from the Wellington i-site by the library or from the top of the cable car.

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