Splendid Teapot Racing at CubaDupa 2017

Splendid Teapot Racing logo

Here it comes again!  Splendid Teapot Racing will return to the marvellous CubaDupa festival for the third time.

CubaDupa this year runs over the weekend of 25-26 March. We found racing over two days last year was a bit much (we want to see some of CubaDupa ourselves!), so this time the racing teapots will battle it out on the Saturday afternoon only.

However …

This year the organisers of CubaDupa want us more in the heart of the action, so they’ve given us a space right on Dixon Streen, just outside the Dixon Street Deli.  The road surface is quite smooth, so the smaller teapots will be able to get around just fine.  We’ll have some new obstacles joining the dreaded Ramp of Doom, Seesaw of Indecision and the breakables, including one very special one if we can get it (hush – it’s a secret).  And that means the course will be bigger, letting a whole lot more people see what’s going on.  We’re even having our own steampunk parade through the crowds just before the racing.

The time has come, as the Walrus may have said, to prepare your finest teapots to race.  Refresh your memory of the few rules we have (they haven’t changed), get your bribes ready for the judges and, most importantly, send in the registration form for your teapot(s).

For visitors to Wellington (locals are very welcome too) we’ll have a few other activities on the Friday and Sunday, more more on that later.

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