23 March – Queen Victoria meets Queen Elizabeth

Capital! Steampunk is taking Queen Victoria down to the wharf to greet passengers from the Queen Elizabeth, visiting Wellington for the weekend of the 23rd and 24th. This will be a very different way to show off our splendidness and welcome visitors to our lovely city, but because it’s a working port there are rules we have to follow.

Her Majesty

Everybody wanting to attend must read through CentrePort’s safety induction, answer some questions around the material and provide your name and contact details, with a head-and-shoulders photo, for your ID card (if you’re doing this on a phone or tablet you’ll have the option to take a new photo or upload an existing one). Use Capital! Steampunk for your company and Member for your job title. Please use your real name and don’t be ‘creative’ with the details – CentrePort takes their safety responsibilities very seriously and we need to respect that. Don’t worry about the mentions of high-viz clothing – we’ve made arrangements.

It’s an early start so the ship’s passengers get to see Her Majesty (and us) before they head off for their various day trips. We’ll meet at 7.30 in the morning at platform 9, outside the railway station on Waterloo Quay, then drive in convoy down to the wharf entrance by the Interislander terminal. Parking will be on the wharf, and we pick up our passes when we get there.

We’ve agreed to stay until around midday, but if you need to slip away early that’s fine. It might pay to bring a snack with you.

Her Majesty doesn’t care for rain, so if it’s wet on the day we won’t be going.

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