15 June – Doing things in the shadows!

Here’s the concept: Second Unit is filming a spinoff of the instant Welly classic What We Do In The Shadows, and they need warm-blooded bodies for food extras (that’s you).

The venue is being built beside Te Papa and Circa Theatre, and Capital! Steampunk is going along at 8.30 on 15 June to add a bit of steam to the paranormal goings-on. Second Unit is more than happy for us to be dressed in our finest, but incognito is fine too. And you can participate as much as you’re comfortable with, or just watch.

There are strict conditions for the event. Tickets are able to be booked at 10 min intervals on the night if not sold out, and the experience should last somewhere around 90 minutes. Please read the conditions carefully when you buy your tickets. Book here, and we’ll see you for an event you can really get your teeth into.

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