Save the Queen – Capital! Steampunk shirts

Some of you will know we acquired a splendid two-metre statue of Queen Victoria a while ago.  She was a little worse for wear then, and she became a little more so as we tried to get her out of the building she’d been in!  Our wonderful sculptor Kim is now giving her some TLC, and we’re also going to have to work out where to keep her (Her Majesty, not Kim) and how to transport her to our various outings.  That will probably require money and Capital! Steampunk’s income is somewhere between zero and tiny, so we’ve produced a range of t-shirts to help raise some funds.

Shirt_1_tThere are three designs (click the images to see bigger versions).  The first was inspired by spotting a garment bearing the legend ‘Less is more’.  As steampunks, of course, we could never subscribe to such a philosophy, so the idea was born to combine its opposite with a reference to Mr. Poe’s raven, printed on a light grey shirt.





The second design reproduces a road sign seen on State Highway 1 at both Wairakei and Taihape.  We feel this one looks best on a black shirt.





And the third is a valuable reminder of a trap a number of steampunks will have fallen into.  This is on a nice blue – the colour you see here isn’t exact, but it’s close.



The first run of the shirts has now sold out, but never fear – we’ll look at putting a second order together early in 2018.  We’ll post a proper order form then, but contact us in the meantime if you’d like to register your interest.